EPM UK provides legal services through our partner law firms, who provide expertise of over 25 years experience in both the public and private sector, specialising in property, planning and conveyancing law.

Legal Services

As an investor or landlord, you will always require the service of lawyers, it can be a costly and time-consuming task, and many of our clients have felt that the acquisition as well as the management of all aspects to a property portfolio can be somewhat discouraging.

Our ambition is to ensure the provision of a high quality service in all property related legal matters.   




The legal services specialise in three main areas of law, firstly Conveyancing which is the process of buying and selling your property. Property law which governs the various forms of ownership and tenancy and also Planning law which governs development, extensions and alterations to property.

We can help through our partners with:

  • Pre-applications advice for planning permission on your property

  • Planning applications for an extension or alteration to your property

  • Planning appeals

  • Ensuring proposed developments are in line with planning regulations

  • Purchasing/selling property

  • Property rights/ joint ownerships

  • Leases

  • S106 agreements 

  • Enforcement notices against you

  • Tenancy disputes

  • Contractual agreements between parties


We understand the legal process can be complicated and difficult to understand, here at EPM UK we have provided guidance notes to allow you better understanding of the legal process, plus we ensure our services are wholly transparent with a method of communication allowing for an informed client.

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