EPM UK planning services are dynamic and bold. We believe that to deliver the best chance of a successful proposal, a fully equipped planning team is required. Our planning team can provide guidance and advice, draw up pre-application documentation and insight as well as undertaking and submitting planning applications. 

Planning Services

Our planning services are tailored to the client's specifications, and can deliver a range of expertise. Our planning team consists of planners, architects and surveyors who are able to undertake projects of all kinds. All projects undertaken by EPM UK have been granted by the Local Planning Authority due to the work undertaken by the planning team's efforts.  

The benefit of EPM UK, is the legal services that go hand in hand with our planning services which provides a close working relationship between the planning experts and the planning lawyers, allowing the client to have a start to finish relationship with us. 

Planning Services

Our planning services are critical to allow us as a firm to design a project from the ground up with the client. This allows us to advise and guide the clients from the outset, allowing for a more efficient service provided by a team of experienced experts. The undoubted benefit of working with EPM UK is the benefit of having all the experts in one place, and this has been of great value to our existing client base. Our planning services are as follows:

  • Providing initial planning advise and guidance to proposals

  • Undertaking planning reviews of proposals undertaken by others

  • Develop pre-application material, documentations and strategies with client(s)

  • Construct and submit planning applications on behalf of client(s) 

  • Through the use of our Legal team, provide legal reviews of a proposal and provide feedback

  • Undertake feasibility and viability studies for major projects

  • Develop investment bid proposals on behalf of clients for major development projects 

  • Provide architectural drawings, plans and proposals 

  • Enter into pre-application and planning application discussions/negotiations with the Local Planning Authority with the client(s) 

Range of Expertise

Each client will have a different proposal, we at EPM UK have experience with major and minor scale projects, and will discuss  with you the team required for each project. We have undertaken a range of projects, including but not limited to minor household extensions to major redevelopment projects. Our services can be tailored to ensure the best possible service is provided.

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