EPM UK provides portfolio management to all our clients, allowing clients to have experts managing their investments in the UK. Clients have felt this to be particularly helpful, considering it allows experts to provide information to the client which in turn results in good decision making. 

Portfolio Management

A modern issue to many investors has been the time and effort required to manage and keep track of all aspects of their property portfolios. EPM UK delivers a team of portfolio managers who provide a management service on behalf of our clients. Our management service is tailored to perform as a representative or an extension of the client themselves.

In our experience, investors and landlords can be totally different. We all have our own ambitions and goals to achieve and we all endeavour to achieve them in different ways. 

We believe the best way to drive success into your investments is by understanding the investor, and so we commonly initiate our working relationships with the Client - EPM Mission Statement which will allow us to understand to an extent the type of investor you are. 

This is a document which will allow you to concentrate on your capacity as an investor, your preferences and your comfort zones. It will hone in on specifics and allow both you and EPM UK to better understand the objectives of your project.



Our portfolio management consultancy service provides:

  • Assistance in identifying experts to take forward your project(s)

  • Project managing on your behalf

  • Working in partnership with you and other experts in taking forward your vision

  • Team of experts who routinely work together

  • Updates to clients on all matters relating to each property

  • Investment guidance and market trends 

  • Financial updates and implications of continued investment 

  • General property related advice and guidance 

  • Acts as agent for client with tenants

  • Acts as agents on behalf of all clients in day to day (continued operation) of portfolio 

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